Room Location

The presentation will be in in Room 204 of the Distance Learning Center Wing of the Urban Center on the Portland State University campus at the corner of SW Mill Street and Sixth Avenue in downtown Portland. A map of the campus is here ( The room has full technology (computer, LCD projector, and overhead). The Urban Center is easily accessed by TriMet bus and Portland Streetcar. A parking pass can be arranged if needed.


Most speakers use a Powerpoint presentation. With the lighting in the room it is suggested that speakers use a dark background with light text. The room has a computer with CD, USB, and internet access. Any of these methods are acceptable to load your presentation on the local machine.

Seminar Format

Seminars begin at 12:00 and are broadcast live over the web. Audience members will be asked to introduce themselves, followed by a brief introduction of the speaker. Students in the seminar appreciate knowing how you advanced to your current position, so a brief background statement is usually of interest. Plan for a presentation lasting 30-40 minutes with about 15-20 minutes left for questions. The seminar ends promptly at 1:00 pm.


The audience is students with an interest in transportation, faculty, and professionals. Normally about 30 people are in attendance in case if you plan to bring handouts (not necessary. Some topics and speakers attract larger crowds.

Providing an Abstract

We would appreciate getting a short abstract or description of your talk ahead of time. If we receive that two weeks before the seminar, we can include that information on the web and in the email announcements. Please email this to Ryan Gratzer at

Copies of your Powerpoint

Viewers often ask for copies of the powerpoint presentations. If you can leave or send us a copy, we can convert it to a pdf document and post it.


The seminars are webcast live and the archives are available within a few days of the seminar. Therefore, anyone with web access can see your talk. Links for viewing are on the main seminar webpage.